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Julie-Chantal - costumes et accessoires

Did you know that the brain of the octopus is spread through its tentacles?   Each of them has kind of their own brain. That’s what allows the octopus to do a lot of stuff at the same time.

Did you know that some octopus can change color and even shape?   They can mimic other animals, or even corals or shells.

Did you know that the octopus is the most intelligent invertebrate?   They use tools, builds things and solves problems.
Clearly. The octopus is the cosplayer of the sea. Right?

I am a designer, located in Boisbriand, Quebec (Canada) and I specialize in creating tailored costumes and accessories. My speciality? cosplays and LARP costumes. From an image, a photo, a video, or just ideas that you have in mind, I can create the costume of your dreams.

I’ve always been interested to arts and crafts. With a background in fashion design and presentation design, a career as a tailor-made clothing designer, a milliner for the Cirque du Soleil, a costume designer on film sets … I’ve deduced that I know something about costumes.

So for the last 5 years, I’ve been self-employed, devoting myself to creating costumes. I’ve developed a reputation in the world of cosplay and I make upscale costumes for clients who are fan of pop culture, animated, sci fi, comic book and others.

And now, I feel like sharing all that, talking to you about my good shots (and less good too…), pass on my knowledge to you. So you too can make awesome costumes and props that you’re proud of!

Sounds nice?


This is where I tell you about my projects, give you some sewing and crafting tips and tricks, and more.


This is where you can find patterns, templates and tutorials to make your own cosplay.


This is where you'll be able to see most of the projects I've done in the last few years.