Creation of tailored costumes and props


Whether for a cosplay, a life-size suit or any other unique outfit, I create completely personalized and customized pieces.

All my costumes are of high quality, made from excellent materials and with superior finishes. I have a great deal of detail and my research (both materials and design) is always very thorough.

My fields of expertise are vast ...

→ all kind of textiles
→ leather, suede and vinyl
→ worbla, fosshape, eva foam, and more
→ painting and illustration
→ sculpture and molding
→ large-scale elements
→ very delicate finishes
→ etc.

The possibilities are limitless...

→ complete or partial costume
→ shoe transformation
→ hat and helmet of all kinds
→ prop modification
→ creation of any kind
→ luminous element
→ collapsible element
→ etc.



A tailored suit requires time and care... Each project is unique and different. It is therefore impossible for me to give a list of prices, but I will be happy to make you a quote.


My waiting list for creating a costume is usually about 4 to 6 months (for a rush order, fees apply).

I am quite comfortable creating a costume long distance, but if you live in the province of Quebec and can come by my workshop, I offer the fitting service to ensure a perfectly adjusted costume.

In the case of a remote project, your costume may require some minor adjustments. That being said, I use several methods to make the costume fit as easily as possible. Delivery is with Canada Post and it includes loss and damage insurance.

Since, I know this kind of project is pricey, the costume can be paid in several installments.


For smaller budget...

As a costume and prop designer, I have accumulated a lot of costumes and various accessories over the years, coming from all kinds of projects (my FAIRY TALE costumes among others). Created from scratch or transformed, these unique pieces are now available for purchase.

Take a look at my shop to discover my many women's costumes. Ideal if you can not invest in a customized project. By the way, I've got other fun stuff on this shop. 😉



What my clients say...

Académie des Ripailleurs

Académie des Ripailleurs Tablier d'animation

Nous sommes enchantés de la qualité et de la finesse du tablier créé par Julie-Chantal! Elle a compris le mandat qui lui a été donné à 200%.


Nadia Rikka Takanashi

J'ai reçu mon costume. Que puis-je dire de plus que... WOW. Je suis tellement contente! Ça ''fit'' parfaitement! La qualité est exceptionnel!


Azure Shallotte Elminus

Everything fits perfectly, and I love the details put into everything. The detachable broom and collar, and the way the bow attaches to the shirt are genius.


Sophie Kero Bero

[Ma fille] a vraiment beaucoup aimé son expérience et son costume! Merci encore!!!