Tailor-made costume

For making high-end costumes and accessories

<transcy>I'M YOUR GIRL</transcy>

<transcy>You want a cosplay or a LARP costume?</transcy>

I can make completely customised pieces for you.

All my costumes are made of minutely chosen materials and with a professional finishing touch.

I give great attention to details and my research, as well for the materials than for the design, is very thorough.

<transcy>My skill sets are wide</transcy>

<transcy>Possibilities are endless</transcy>

You would like to work with me for the creation of your costume?

For the moment, my commission book is closed (I'm booked until September 2021 at least).

But if you want to be kept informed about when I'll start taking commissions again, subscribe to my waiting list. I'll let you know when the time comes.

I want to subscribe
(don't worry, that's not a newsletter - I also have one of those though, if you want - it's really just a waiting list. I will only write to you about my commissions book)