My recommendations for 3D printing

Printers :

📌  Monoprice Select Mini   This is my first printer model. It's a tiny model, but it's perfect if you're just starting out and want to try it all out.

📌  Prusa   This is my new model of printer. It is truly a top-of-the-range model. But it's extremely efficient. My favorite of the year.

Filament :

📌  Ecofilament PLA   The choice of color is not very large, but I sand and paint pretty much all my printed pieces. So, I don't really care. What I like about this filament is that it is eco-responsible.

* If you buy a good quantity (5 spools), you can get a free recycling box for your PLA waste (which you can send back to them for recycling). This is my 2021 green favorite.