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My recommendations for tools, products and materials. Everything you need to help you prepare and create your costume.

For sewing

What are my favorite sewing tools. Where do I shop for my fabrics? I'm sharing my secrets (not very secret).
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For crafting

paint, glue and varnish... but also other materials. If you don't know where to get what you need, I can help you.
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For 3D printing

I present you the printers I owned. I also share my favorite spots to purchase filament.
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To get organised

Either to tidy up your workshop or to plan your projects, I have plenty of effective tricks for you.
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To learn

If you want to learn more about sewing, I recommend this initiation class from Espace Fabrik.

(affiliated link)

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To commission your costume

Because I'm a one-woman-army, I unfortunately don't have enough time to take thousands of commissions. This being said, I have excellent recommendations for you.
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pour mettre la touche finale à ton costume

Pour avoir les ongles parfaits, un tatouage temporaire ou pour un vrai beau chapeau pour compléter ton costume.

Je te partage mes recommandations : des artisans spécialisés qui vont pouvoir t'aider avec les petits détails.

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