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Personalized help

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A personalized meeting to help you move your costume project forward.

Make an appointment so that I can help you find a clear solutions suited to your situation.

I put my many years of experience and my thousands of hours of work, learning, trying / mistakes at your service.

A 30-minute zoom meeting so that we can look at your project together.

📌 Do you need help making an action plan for your next project?

📌 Are you stuck on a part of your costume and you don't know how to go about fixing your problem?

📌 Do you have any logistical questions to resolve?

📌 Are you afraid of going wrong and ruining your materials?

I'm here for you: We discuss YOUR project and YOUR questions for half an hour. And I give you all my advices.

So that you leave with lots of new knowledge and lots of cool stuff. So that you understand where you're going and have a great plan. And you procrastinate less and you are not afraid to move forward with your project.

I can help you with:

  • Sewing
  • Patterns
  • Fabrics of all kinds
  • EVA foam
  • Worbla
  • Assembly of different materials
  • Fastening systems
  • Finishing of 3D printed parts
  • Painting
  • Weathering
  • etc.

🤓 Keep in mind that English is my second language (I'm here to help you, but my English isn't perfect).

      I had the chance to test Julie-Chantal's help service for a project that is just starting. Thanks to her help, I was able to prevent many pitfalls, see ways of doing things I would not have thought of, all while laughing and without pressure!
      <transcy>Anne-Renaud Deschênes</transcy>

      <transcy>How does it works?</transcy>

      First, you'll have to fill a little survey.

      Because I want to know about your project. I want to know where you're at. Did you start? Are you stuck? On what? This way, we can get right into the heart of of the subject from the very first minute of our meeting. No time wasted.

      Then, you'll make an appointment.

      I offer you many time windows: AM, PM, evenings and even weekends. Your schedule is surely loaded, so, I'm giving you as many options as possible.

      We will meet in a videoconference, via zoom.

      Just you and me. So we can chat about your project, for 30 minutes. It's the perfect amount of time to talk about your project without having to take a big chunk out of your schedule.

      And you'll leave with our meeting's recording.

      So, no stress. You can take notes if you want to. But you could also focus 100% on our discussion. You'll get to watch the video again, whenever you want, as many times as you'd like. If you forgot about some details, if there's a technique you'd like to see one more time, if you just want to look at my pretty face... The video is yours.

      No matter if you're a beginner or if you are more experienced, I strongly recommend Julie-Chantal's services. I've been making costumes since 2012 and even with my many years of experimentation and a ton of online tutorials, Julie-Chantal taught me many new super helpful tricks.

      She's able to dissect your needs and explain about materials, techniques and the steps you need to take next. I now have full of new things to test for my next cosplays!

      <transcy>Carolane Veilleux</transcy>

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      <transcy>This if for you if...</transcy>

      You don't want to waste hours searching on the internet

      It's true that Youtube and Facebook helping groups are great to find some answers to your questions. Although, those solutions aren't always perfectly adapted to your situation. And you might end up losing a lot of time during your search.

      I offer you a turnkey solution: no search that lasts forever. No puzzles and no questions as to know if it will work for your specific situation.

      You procrastinate in your project because you don't know where to start

      Starting a project and taking the first steps is often the most difficult part...

      I'm there for you. I love building up action plans and plan out projects. We'll put some order in your project together. Then, you'll feel super motivated to start it up.

      You're scared to mess up and fail your project

      My best advice would be to test first. It's the best way to avoid failing.

      But if you really have no idea where to start, I'm there to help you find options.

      You messed up (it happens) and you need help to salvage your costume

      Don't be ashamed, I still mess up when I'm making my costumes. It's part of the game. That's often how you'll learn the most (it hurts...but it's effective).

      Sometimes, you just need some help to get back up on your feet. I want to be the crutch holding you when you'll stand back up.

      <transcy>You're in doubt?</transcy>

      You're not sure you'll be able to explain your problem to me?

      My survey is pretty thorough. I even ask for some pictures, so you can give me a visual of your situation (or of your inspiration). If I don't understand everything, I'll ask you questions BEFORE our meeting. The goal is to be ready heading into your troubleshooting meeting. I especially don't want to waste your time.

      You don't know if I can help you remotely?

      I have 2 webcams so I can show you different angles while working and close-ups when needed. Also, it's all recorded. Which means that every technique I'll show you, you'll be able to watch over again and again, to make sure you understand every little details and nuances. Honestly, I think it's even better than if I was sitting right next to you.

      You're worried you won't understand the techniques I'll be showing you?

      I've been teaching sewing to complete beginners as well as coaching people with more advanced skills. I can adapt my teaching to you without any problem. If you need ultra easy solutions, let me know, that's what I'll find for you. As simple as that.

      You don't know if you own the right equipment to do what you want?

      Even though I gathered a lot of different materials, products, tools and specialised machines along the years, I am still a big fan of simplicity. I like simple solutions that don't cost much. I also like to find many paths to get from point A to B. Together, we'll find a solution that fits your needs.

      You don't know how long it would take to see eveything you'd like to see?

      I'll be totally honest with you...I too have some difficulty to evaluate how much time it takes to explain things. But I'll do my best to give you as much information as possible within 30 minutes. Generally, we manage to go over a lot of stuff.

      Julie-Chantal's troubleshooting service is simply wonderful to get things moving, to be reassured or simply to learn new techniques.

      Her attention to detail, her listening skills and simplified approach all contribute to making this meeting quick, effective and simply pleasant.

      Plus, you end up with a souvenir video, isn't that wonderful! She thought of everything!

      What you waiting for?

      <transcy>Ludovic Jacques</transcy>

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