Mara Jade

Mara Jade props (character from the Star Wars saga)

Elle Driver eye patch

Elle Driver eye patch (character from the movie Kill Bill [volume 1] – hospital scene)


Bamf plushie (character from the Marvel univers)

Maleficent Headpiece

Horned headpiece of Maleficent (character of the 2014 Disney movie Maleficent)

Fox props

Fox tail and ears (props to complete a costume)

Gohan’s Hat

Hat of Baby Gohan (character from Dragonball‘s universe)

Cyclops visor

Cyclops yellow visor (X-Men character, from the Marvel universe)

Deadpool’s props

Costume props of Deadpool (character of the Marvel universe – classic comic books version)

Peach umbrella

Peach’s pink umbrella (character from the Mario Bros universe – Smash Bros Brawl video game version)

Padme’s props

Costume props of Padme Amidala (character from the Star Wars saga[Attack of the Clones] – arena’s outfit)

Shallotte broom

Colorful broom of Shallotte (character of the video game Atelier Shallie : Alchemists of the Dusk Sea)

Loki’s scepter

Luminous Scepter of Loki (character from the Marvel‘s universe)

Loki’s helmet

Loki’s helmet with horns (character from the Marvel‘s universe)

Black angel

Black angel wings (Halloween costume prop)

Aztec gold coin

Sculpture of a giant Aztec gold coin (reproduction of the piece from Pirates of the Caribbean)