Creation of tailored costumes and props

You want cosplay, a LARP costume or any other unique outfit?

✂    I create completely personalized and customized pieces.
✂    All my costumes are made from carefully selected materials and with superior workmanship.
✂    I have an eye for details and my research (both materials and design) is always very thorough.

My fields of expertise are vast … ✒   all kind of textiles
✒   leather, suede and vinyl
✒   worbla, fosshape, eva foam, and more
✒   painting and illustration on different supports
✒   sculpture and molding
✒   large-scale elements
✒   very delicate finishing work
✒   etc.

The possibilities are limitless…

✒   complete or partial costume
✒   shoes transformation
✒   hat and helmet of all kinds
✒   prop modification
✒   creation from scratch
✒   luminous element
✒   collapsible element
✒   etc.

If you want to see more, go see my portfolio!

Would you like to work with me to create your costume? For the moment, commissions are closed (I am booked until October 2020). But if you want to be informed when I’ll start taking commissions again, sign up for my waiting list.  I’ll let you know when the time comes.

(no worry, it’s not a Newsletter, it’s really just a waiting list, I’ll contact you exclusively to tell you my commissions status)


This is where I tell you about my projects, give you some sewing and crafting tips and tricks, and more.


This is where you can find patterns, templates and tutorials to make your own cosplay.


This is where you'll be able to see most of the projects I've done in the last few years.