Wrap your gifts eco-responsibly

The holiday season is approaching. Gifts season too!

For a greener holiday season this year, I have prepared patterns for you to make your own eco-friendly wrapping. Reusable gift tags, gift card envelopes, and furoshikis.

If you don't know what a furoshiki is, it's a square scarf, used in Japanese tradition, to carry all kinds of stuff. To my pattern, I added ribbons, to make it a bit more festive and gift-y.

It's a super simple project, really easy and quick to make, and which will allow you to considerably reduce your consumption of single-use wrapping paper.

If you're not too familiar with different fabric wrapping techniques, here are some ways to use your furoshiki.

The small format

Perfect for small paperback books and video games cases.

method 1

The basis for wrapping gifts with a furoshiki is to place the object to be wrapped in the center of the scarf, diagonally.

furoshiki - step 1

Then, bring the corners without ribbons to the center.

furoshiki - step 2

Then, bring the corners with ribbons to the center too.

You can tie a knot or just cross the corners.

furoshiki - step 3

And all you have to do is cross the ribbons under the gift...

furoshiki - step 4

...and join them on the tops to make a bow.

furoshiki - step 5


method 2

For a flat object (like a video game, a movie, a book, etc.), you can fold the first corner to the center. Then fold the second corner before bringing it into the center.

furoshiki - step 1

Join the corners with ribbons on top and make a bow.

furoshiki - step 2

This technique allows you to easily slip in an wish card too.

Simple like that!

method 3

You can also roll your gift with one of the ribbons. Then continue to roll it in the fabric.

furoshiki - step 1

Once the gift is well covered, fold the corners without ribbon (on each side) towards the center. Then, fold the last corner on top and wrap the ribbon.

furoshiki - step 2

Secure everything with a clip, a safety pin, or even a button.

furoshiki - step 3

Medium format

perfect for large comics, small and medium format board games.

For books and boxes, the technique always remains more or less the same. By placing your gift diagonally, you can cover it more easily and it's still quite simple to attach. The ribbons on opposite corners make it even easier.

furoshiki - step 1

Depending on the size of the gift, if you have a furoshiki made of 2 fabrics, you can even have fun deliberately folding certain corners to create a design cute.

furoshiki - step 2


If your box is thicker, a simple little trick to make wrapping easier is simply to fold the fabric inwards a bit, before folding up the corners.

furoshiki - tips

The large format

perfect for larger board games and other large boxes, as well as bottles.

If you have objects with a bit less conventional shapes to pack, you can just make some test to find the best way to wrap them. The beauty of furoshiki is that you can use it endlessly. Make a bundle, a roll, try with 2 scarves… name it! 

furoshiki - bottles
You can start again if you're not satisfied with the look, as many times as you want, your fabric will not be damaged like paper. 😉
furoshiki - bottles
So, this year, if you can, I highly recommend fabric packaging. Collect scarves, tablecloths, or pillowcases.
Happy green holidays!
Et keep on crafting! 🤓🎄✂🎁

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