DIY gift ideas

I don't know about you, but I love making my Christmas presents. I like to take the time to create something specific for someone.

And I love getting Christmas handmade presents too. It's so great to receive something personalized. Something that was made with love.

So, with the holiday season coming up, I thought I'd give you some ideas of things you can make for your geeky brother or sister, your larp-loving kids, your mother who loves the Harry Potter universe or your Star Wars fan father. I even have ideas for your friends who are also into DIY.

A bit of everything, for everyone! 😁

For Star Wars fans

📌 A lightsaber

A must-have in the collection of any Star Wars fanatic.

If you have access to a 3D printer, you can build one yourself.

There are 7 models of lightsaber on my shop. And you can even get the bundle with the 7 swords (let's say you have several gifts to make 😉). The coolest thing is that all models are modular. This means that you can create your own personalized saber by interchanging the different modules of each model. Endless Possibilities

Awesome right?


📌 A Blaster

You're more blaster type than lightsaber? No problem! My shop offers you 5 blaster models, also to be 3D printed. You have a choice for fans of Leia, Han Solo, Padmé and even Boba Fett.

Another great piece to add to a super fan's collection.


📌 An ornament

Don't have a printer? Why not prepare a small felt character?

It's super cute and you can hang it anywhere: on a rear-view mirror, a backpack or suitcase zipper, etc.

My Star Wars ornament pattern set will allow you to make 5 characters: Yoda, Wicket, C3P0, The Mandalorian and Admiral Ackbar.


For Harry Potter fans

📌 A lantern

A beautiful decorative piece that matches any decor. It even makes a cute night light for the kids.

The set of 3D files allows you to make 2 sizes of lantern (4 or 6 sided), and you can even customize it according to the allegiance of the person you are going to make it for. Are they more Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff? Or you can create a lantern with all 4 houses if you want!

You don't have a 3D printer? You can also prepare it in cardboard.
lanterne carton

📌 The Sorting Hat

That's for sure going to be a hit! What Harry Potter fan hasn't dreamed of getting under that grumpy old hat for a little heart to heart chat?

You can make their dream come true by making them a Sorting Hat using my pattern for EVA foam.

Psst! Did you know that you can also print the pattern smaller to make a nice decoration (which will take up a little less space). Personally, I think it would make a beautiful top of a Christmas tree...🤓

For LARP enthusiasts

📌 A hood

If there's a classic and super practical element for any kind of costume, it's the hood. No matter the character of your LARP fanatic, they're sure to appreciate have a nice hood.

My pattern offers you 3 models, which you can decline to vary the options even more.

capuche medievale

📌 A hat

We often forget this element when preparing a LARP costume. However, it's an accessory that personalizes and complements an outfit so well.

With my medieval style hat pattern, you'll have plenty of choices: there are 5 easy-to-make models and 3 of them can be reversed. Enough to offer style to your favorite Larper.

chapeau d'archer

For DIY enthusiasts

📌 Lantern parts and instructions

It's a bit like offering a kit to assemble. You print the parts for a friend who doesn't have a 3D printer and package everything with the printed instructions. This way, your friend can mount their lantern themself, choose the color of the paper, the arrangement of the sides of the lantern…

It's a nice little activity, right?

pièces de lanterne

📌 A book

We all know someone who loves the simple fact of discovering new techniques. If you have cosplayer friends, it's clear that they are always looking for new ways to do things and techniques to learn.

For these lovers of knowledge, a book is a winning choice.

You can offer the file… But if you want to go a bit further, print it and have it bound in a copy center.

  • For your friend who crochets stuffed animals

The book "Yarn Fur" by Yarntastic will allow them to learn how to make super fluffy hair. With this guide, they'll be able to make little maned lions. Einstein plushie. Name it!

  • For your friend who just got a 3D printer

It's a great adventure, and there's really a lot to learn when you get started in the world of 3D printing. And it's great because there are all kinds of forums of 3D printing enthusiasts discussing the subject.

But there's nothing like a book that puts a whole bunch of info in one place and walks you through the steps of printing, assembling and finishing the parts.

Fowl Fusion's "The layers of 3D printing" guide will help your friend through the printing process, but especially through the finishing process. To make their 3D printed costume accessories top notch!

  • For your sister who loves learning new techniques

The book "Introduction to Tablet Weaving" by Captain Vyvyen is the perfect guide to discover this technique and learn how to make decorative braids, belts, and more.

Bonus points if you give this book to a LARP fan! This is a technique they can use to decorate and upgrade their costumes.

📌 an inspiring poster

"It's okay to cut the negative people out of your life, just don't take your fabric scissors"

Prints a poster. Frame it. And There you go! A super nice decoration, for your favorite seamstress who has a good sense of humor. 😉

* Only available in french at the moment, I plan on making an English version soon.


📌 a gift card

Okay, it's not really handmade, I admit it! But if you're short on time, it's a great alternative, and it gives plenty of options to the person who will receive it, whether it's more sewing, crafting or 3D printing.


I hope this little guide has given you some ideas.

Happy shopping, but above all, happy holiday crafting!


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