the little lexicon of sewing
the little lexicon of sewing
the little lexicon of sewing
the little lexicon of sewing
the little lexicon of sewing

the little lexicon of sewing

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The little lexicon of sewing. So that you understand the instructions of your sewing patterns, even if you're super newbie.

I created this little guide to help you understand frequently used sewing terms and expressions: the different stitches, basic techniques, pattern terms, and more!

To help you demystify pattern instructions and sewing books.

 This set contains 1 element:

  • The little lexicon of sewing (in French + in English)

ebook This ebook includes:

  • More than 50 terms and their definition (so that you understand what you read)
  • Photos (because I know you like photos - it's clearer, right?)
  • French translation of the words (cause that's my first language - and I thought "why not!")

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Excellent quality and rigor in the design!

pattern of jedi tunic

My daughter wanted a Hermione robe for Halloween and this pattern was easy for me to follow even though I don't sew much. Being able to print only the size needed was helpful. My daughter was thrilled!

pattern of wizard robe

Fast download and great designs! There are lots of options available, and easy instructions with a handy cutting template for the diffuser panels

3D file of decorative lantern

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