<transcy>You like cosplay and LARP?</transcy>

I've always been drawn to art and manual work. With an education as a fashion designer and a display designer, a career as a custom clothing designer, a hat maker for Cirque du Soleil and costume designer for movie sets... I finally realised that I know about costumes.

So, since 2014, I've been dedicating myself to creating high-end costumes for clients who are fans of pop culture, anime, sci fi, fantasy, comic books and more.

And since 2019, I've been working on a new project: to help you to make your own costume.

On my shop, you can get all sorts of patterns, templates and 3d printing files.

On my blog, you can read about my advices and pro tips.

I can also help you with my custom help service. It's like an express version of a private class.

Plus, I have course in the making. I can't wait to tell you more about those.

You too can make costumes and accessories that are dope and will make you proud!

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You need customised help?

If you're blocked in your costume creation process (that you either started already or not) and you would like me to give you a hand
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You want a custom costume?

If you'd like me to make a custom one for you and you wonder how it works.
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