<tc>introduction to sewing (in french)</tc>

If you understand French language, and wanna learn sewing, I highly recommend Atelier Espace Fabrik's online course.

*Full disclosure: I am affiliated with Espace Fabrik. That means I get a small commission on the sales of this online training (but, it's really cool training for real!).

It's a great way to support 2 awesome small businesses at the same time. 😉

Anyway, you know me, I don't promote stuff that doesn't speak to me. The Espace Fabrik training is really complete and super well put together.

What is Espace Fabrik?

C'est un centre de formation pour apprendre la couture, situé à Montréal (au Québec). L'endroit est tenu par Camélia, une vrai passionnée de couture.

Tu peux y suivre des cours. Acheter des outils et du tissus. Faire imprimer tes patrons PDF. Et plus!

Un super place pour échanger et partager ta nouvelle passion. 🤓

In addition to the courses she gives on site, Camélia has set up an online course for people who cannot come to her workshop.

Un cours en ligne, donné sous forme de capsules vidéo, pour apprendre chaque étape à ton rythme.

A bit more about the online course: 


📌 What is the level of training? Beginner. Perfect if you have no (or very little) sewing knowledge.

📌 What's included in the training? A 2-hour video series at 8 minutes. Downloadable course notes and cheat sheets. A free PDF pattern.

📌 What will I need? In addition to a sewing machine,  Espace Fabrik will provide you with a list of materials needed in the course.

📌 How long is the training valid? For one year

📌 And how much is it? CAN $65

learn how to: 

✂ Utiliser ta machine à coudre

✂ Lire un patron

✂ Couper ton tissu

✂ Prendre tes mesures

✂ Et confectionner une pochette

In addition, when you purchase the online course, you'll get a 15% discount on the Atelier Espace Fabrik online store!