<tc>Yarn Fur</tc>
<tc>Yarn Fur</tc>
<tc>Yarn Fur</tc>
<tc>Yarn Fur</tc>
<tc>Yarn Fur</tc>
<tc>Yarn Fur</tc>
<tc>Yarn Fur</tc>

Yarn Fur

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* Yarntastic Cosplay Creation

YARN FUR: How to turn yarn into fur, wig and fluffy hair.

You want to add some fluffy hair to your plushes? You want to add some fur to a cosplay without spending a tremendous amount of money? You want to make a crazy wig that will laugh at gravity? Learn how to accomplish all this, and more, with yarn!

Ideal for beginners, this complete guide explains, from end to end, how to turn yarn into fur, from the first to the last step. Follow the detailed steps and the tips to easily complete a wide range of projects.

This guide explains everything you need to know and indicate what to do (and what to avoid), in addition to giving some advice and concrete examples.


un - one - 1 This set contains 1 item:

  • Yarn Fur - How to turn yarn into fur, wig and fluffy hair. (in French + English)

ebook This ebook includes:

  • steps to make yarn fur
  • a list of materials and tools needed
  • full of tips and tricks
  • and examples!

this is for youThis guide is for you if:

  • You'd like to add fur to your projects without it costing you a fortune.
  • You want to make super special wigs.
  • Or simply to discover new techniques.

Out of respect for the work of YARNTASTIC COSPLAY, it is forbidden to share or resell this guide.

However, you can very well sell the creation you'll make using this guide. We just ask you to credit her work. 🖤

Be sure to tag it if you share your creations on social media.

✂ Instagram: @yarntastic.cosplay

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