The layers of 3D printing
The layers of 3D printing
The layers of 3D printing
The layers of 3D printing
The layers of 3D printing
The layers of 3D printing

The layers of 3D printing

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version francaise + english version
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* Fowl Fusion Creation

THE LAYERS OF 3D PRINTING: FDM 3D printing basics

Getting into 3D printing is a big leap so make sure you stick the landing with this guide!

From design tips to finishing tricks, this guide is perfect for beginners in the world of FDM (filaments) printers. With over 100 pictures and a step-by-step guide for cleaning your prints, you will be able to gain confidence with your crafting techniques and begin your journey to print everything and anything you want !

1 - one - un This set contains 1 item:

  • the guide "The layers of 3D printing: FDM 3D printing basics (in French + in English)

ebook This ebook includes:

  • The design of 3D parts to understand how to create a sturdy prop.
  • Different aspects of printing (filament, slicer, etc.).
  • Assembly and finishing.
  • Several tips and tricks.
  • A complete step-by-step tutorial to build a helmet, from printing to finishing.

this is for youThis guide is for you if:

  • you just bought yourself an FDM printer and you need a little help;
  • would like to take your  finish methods to the next level;
  • you simply want to learn more about filament 3D printing.

Out of respect for the work of FowlFusion, it is forbidden to share or resell this product.

However, you can very well sell the creation you have made using this guide. We just ask you to credit his work. 🖤

Feel free to tag it if you share your creations on social media.

✂ Instagram: @fowlfusion

What customers think


The files are awesome. Simple to assemble, and with the proper paint and cellophane, the lanterns look great.

hogwarts lantern 3d file

Excellent files. very nice details on each section.

3D file, build your own lightsaber.

Good printing kit.
Has some space inside the kit so you have options for your own build.

3D file of Johnny Silverhand's gun

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