7 favorites from Montreal ComicCon, Holiday edition

Last weekend was the Christmas edition of Montreal ComicCon. The light version of the summer edition (free entry, but no guest artists, panels or anything else - just the merchant room).

I went there to see the cosplayers and their Christmas costumes (it's always great to see), but also to support the geek artisans and small businesses who offer fantastic products.

Here are 7 favorites, to give you some gift ideas for the holidays (and beyond!): 


For the geek who loves magical worlds and cute things.

You may already know, I love the little characters from Feutrologie. All of her little stuffed creatures are entirely hand-sewn and very often unique (because Andréa often adds small personalized details to each of her creations).

She has a great range of absolutely adorable characters. She can even create a plush version of your LARP or D&D character. Ain't that awesome?

Feutrologie - poupées de feutre

You can find his creations on her website.


She will also be at Montreal Makers Market on December 16 and 17 2023, and you can find several of her charming characters at Dracolites and Atelier des Mandragores


For the geek who has a green thumb… or not.

Concrete flower pots. Simon's pieces are simple, but truly beautiful. And what's more, they come with an artificial plant. You don't even need to fill it out. Since I don't have a green thumb, I find it really perfect.

If you like plants and love Pokémon, I promise you will love Béton Neotek’s creations.

Beton Neotek - pot à fleurs en béton

As his Etsy store is taking a little break, you can contact Simon directly on Instagram to purchase one of his creations.



For the geek who loves tea

In addition to falling for the name of the company (I like dinosaurs y'all), I really like the concept of Thesaurus. Robyn creates the blends inspired by different geek universes: Zelda, Sailor Moon, Fullmetal Alchemist, Batman, Harry Potter, name it!

Thesaurus offers an absolutely incredible variety of teas. For all tastes, both in terms of fandom and flavors.

THESAURUS TEA - thés geek

You can get their teas online or directly to the store, in Verdun (Montreal).


For a bag that matches your geek vibe.

If you're looking for a shoulder bag, wallet, or purse, I recommend taking a look at Geek Side Out's designs. Anne-Marie sews some really adorable pieces.

She offers a range of products inspired by Genshin Impact, but also different anime and video games. Her seams are clean and her designs, super practical, what's not to love? 

GEEK SIDE OUT - sacs et pochettes geek

She's having a big inventory sale on her Etsy store. It's time to check it out.



For the geek who plays D&D.

Notepads, notebooks, stickers... Steph has everything to help you organize your next Dungeons and Dragons campaign. In addition to being really beautiful, these notebooks are super well put together to make it easier to take notes without getting lost.

Plus, she also offers tree ornaments, coasters and other cool stuff to bring more D&D into your life.

Warlock's quill - papeterie pour jeux de rôle

All her products are available on her Etsy store. 


For the geek-chic

The creations from Elderwood Jewelry are absolutely beautiful. Marianne draws inspiration from fantastical worlds, nature and folklore to sculpt her creations in wax and then cast them in sterling silver.

Her work is delicate and meticulous, crafted in detail. I was particularly charmed by her Baba Yaga pendant! 

ELDERWOOD JEWELRY - bijoux inspirés du folklore

You can find Marianne's creations on her Etsy store or go see them in real life at the Salon des Métiers d'Art (from December 7 to 17, 2023).


For the geek who loves beautiful mugs.

Petit Chat Céramic, it’s not just cups… but damn! Her mugs are definitely worth the detour. And I just happed to treat myself to a beautiful creation with tentacles (you know my love for octopuses).

If I hadn't held back, I probably would have left with her Totoro mug too!

PETIT CHAT CERAMIC - tasse et+ en poterie

Steph will be at Puces Pop this weekend (December 8-9-10, 2023) and she's also participating in an open house sale at her studio.

You can see her creations on her Etsy shop which she will update after the shows.





For your holiday gifts, handmade creations are always a must. If you’re not the one making them, think about local artisans and businesses! 🖤