<transcy>cape pattern</transcy>
<transcy>cape pattern</transcy>
<transcy>cape pattern</transcy>
<transcy>cape pattern</transcy>
<transcy>cape pattern</transcy>
<transcy>cape pattern</transcy>
<transcy>cape pattern</transcy>
<transcy>cape pattern</transcy>
<transcy>cape pattern</transcy>
<transcy>cape pattern</transcy>

cape pattern

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The cape is really an essential part of many costumes. But, depending on the costume style, the need may be different. 

Here is a pattern set including 3 cape models with interchangeable elements to multiply the possibilities.

With this pattern kit, you will be able to create the perfect cloak, no matter whether you are preparing an adventurer, wizard or even a vampire costume.

trois This set c have 3 models:

  • The Classic Cape: It's a long, semicircular cape (so you can cover yourself up really well), with a round cap. Simply. This style fits pretty much any look.
  • The Playful Cape: It's a shorter version, but still just as enveloping. It has slits for the arms in the front, a small ruff and its hood is pointed. If you are planning a look inspired by Little Red Riding Hood, this is the perfect model.
  • The Dandy's Cape: This is the longest version (if you are very tall, you will like it). Again, a semicircular cape. But this time, a cape and a high collar. This model is perfect to complete a set rather inspired by Dracula.

✂ Interchange the elements of each cape to have up to 27 different models

      tailles diponibles Available size:

      Only one size is available for these capes. The neckline is adjustable and instructions for changing the length are included in the instructions.

        matériel recommandé Suggested materials:

        I recommend a wrinkle-resistant gabardine (really practical for a cape). Wool flannel or velvet are also great options.

        marche à suivre Procedure including:

        • complete assembly instruction, with photos
        • information to understand how to read your pattern
        • French and English version

          Your files will be available as soon as you complete your order. You will receive a download link following your order confirmation.

          🤓 Heads up! This is a digital file. You will not receive any physical product in the mail.

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          📌 To learn more about downloadable patterns, read my article on the subject

          Our patterns are available in letter (8½"x11") and A4 sizes, for easy printing at home.

          🤓 A tutorial is included to help you properly print and prepare your patterns before starting your project.

          📌 Coming soon: format archE (36"x48") and A0. For large format printing at your local printer.

          Out of respect for my work, it is forbidden to share or resell this product.

          However, you can very well sell the creation you have made using this product. I'm just asking you to credit my work. 🖤

          Feel free to tag me if you share your creations on social media.

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          < p>✂ Facebook: @Julie-Chantal – costumes & accessories

          <transcy>What clients has to say</transcy>


          I loved the printing tips and the ability to remove some layers. The sewing instructions were perfect and easy to follow, with photos included. The Rebel Legion saw my Obi Wan and invited us to work with them!

          <transcy>pattern of jedi costume</transcy>

          My daughter wanted a Hermione robe for Halloween and this pattern was easy for me to follow even though I don't sew much. Being able to print only the size needed was helpful. My daughter was thrilled!

          <transcy>pattern of wizard robe</transcy>

          The pattern was easy to print and assemble and the instructions were clear. I made adjustments for a lined cape. Very happy with the final cape, thank you!

          <transcy>pattern of vampire cape</transcy>

          A great selection of hats I can use in medieval re-enactments. I love the bilingual options in the files

          <transcy>medieval hat pattern</transcy>

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