guide d'extensibilité de tissus, by juliechantal

fabric stretch guide

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A super simple little tool, but one that will help you a great deal with your projects. I am sure of it!

This guide allows you to easily check the stretchability of your fabric.

If you are working with your stretch fabrics, it is important to know the stretch percentage of them to ensure that they are suitable for your project.

With this little guide, you can check everything very easily.

I even created a pocket version for you that you can put in your wallet. That way, you'll have it handy the next time you go shopping.

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The extensibility guide to print

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Excellent quality and rigor in the design!

pattern of jedi tunic

My daughter wanted a Hermione robe for Halloween and this pattern was easy for me to follow even though I don't sew much. Being able to print only the size needed was helpful. My daughter was thrilled!

pattern of wizard robe

Fast download and great designs! There are lots of options available, and easy instructions with a handy cutting template for the diffuser panels

3D file of decorative lantern

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