My favorite tools for sewing

People often ask me what my favorite sewing tools are... and where I get them. So I've listed the tools I use most often. With Amazon links to make your shopping easier.

* With the exception of some items that are more rare, you can also purchase most of these tools from local fabric and craft stores.

The links below are affiliate links. This means that if you buy one of these items using the link, I will receive a small commission.

It's a simple way to support my work and my business. Thank you very much!

By the way, if you want to learn a bit more about these tools, I recommend reading my blog post: My Top 10 Essential Sewing Tools. There you'll find a bit more information on many of these tools, why I love them so much, and when I use them the most.

To cut your fabric

You probably already know that it's essential to have a good pair of fabric scissors. And take care of it.

But, if you cut a lot of light fabrics, I really recommend the rotary cutter (combined with a cutting mat). A super useful tool!

fabric scissors

rotating knife

cutting mat

spare blades

To measure

To measure different things, you need different tools. A good measuring tape (flexible) is essential (especially for taking body measurements).

Psst! if you measure yourself, there are tapes made just for you.

The transparent and curved rulers are particularly useful if you modify and alter your patterns.

tape measure

transparent ruler (cm)

curved ruler

To trace on your fabric

Personally, I'm a big fan of wax chalk. But I also use other types of pen and pencils, depending on the fabric and what I need to trace. Here is a selection of my favorite pencils.

wax chalk

friction pen

soluble pencils

For machine sewing

Schmetz sewing machine needles are simply the best. I tested a bunch of brands... but there's nothing like Schmetz.

stretch needles

(perfect for jerseys and others knit fabrics)

topstitch needles

(great for lower quality yarn)

leather needles

(a must for leather and leatherette)

non-stick needles

(great for sewing in sticky stuff)

For sewing by hand

I'm really sold on the John James brand. They really make great needles. And although I rarely use a thimble, when I do, I prefer to work with a leather thimble.

straight needles

curved needles

fine curved needles

leather thimble

To hold your fabrics while you sew

Team pins? Team clips? I generally prefer pins. And I like them long. On the other hand, clips are essential if you work with leather, leatherette or other materials of the sort.


magnetic cushion

tissue clips

Other handy gadgets

The longer you've been sewing, the more likely you are to have a bunch of different gadgets. These are the ones I use the most.

casing turner

point turner


seam ripper

I hope this little list of tools will help you prepare a good basic sewing kit. Or simply add a few practical items to your already well-stocked kit.

Keep on crafting!