BUNDLE BARDE, by juliechantal
BUNDLE BARDE, by juliechantal
BUNDLE BARDE, by juliechantal
BUNDLE BARDE, by juliechantal
BUNDLE BARDE, by juliechantal
BUNDLE BARDE, by juliechantal
BUNDLE BARDE, by juliechantal


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version francaise + english version
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Small in size, but big in personality, Scanlan is at the same time jester, heartthrob and friend. In short, the source of entertainment that everyone needs.

Become the essence of inspiration with our set of patterns, tutorial guide and blueprint.

The perfect set to assemble the cosplay of Scanlan, the bard of the group Vox Machina, but also to create a complete and unique LARP costume.


  • bard vest

Open waistcoat with integrated sleeves and shirt collar. 

  • baggy pants

Simple, elastic waistband pants with a rather wide leg and fitted ankle.

  • bard boots

High supple boots, with split flap at the front.  


  • Tutorial Guide: Straps & Belts

A tutorial guide to help you make different types of straps to complete your costumes.


  • Scanlan's Lute

A blueprint to help you make Scanlan's lute with the right proportions.


  • Character Sheet Template

Set of templates to share your cosplay photos on social media.

💜 Items are also available individually in the collection Vox Machina collection

   This set contains 6 elements:

  • The 3 sewing patterns (vest, pants, boots).
  • The tutorial guide for making straps and belts.
  • The lute's blueprint (without tutorial).
  • The set of character sheet templates for social media.

tailles diponibles  Sizes available:

  • Clothing patterns are available in 6 sizes: X-Small to 2X-Large
  • The boots pattern is available in 13 sizes (euro sizes 35 to 47).

Size charts are included in all patterns to help you choose the size that fits you.

matériel recommandé  Suggested materials for patterns:

  • To create the Scanlan costume, I used: linen, silk shantung, taffeta, faux suede and faux leather.

(more suggestions and quantities required in each of the instructions)

marche à suivre   Instructions for patterns including:

  • complete assembly instruction, with photos
  • information to understand how to read and prepare your pattern
  • French and English version

Our PDF patterns are available:

- In letter size (8½"x11") and in A4 size (210mm x 297mm), for printing easy at home.

- And in archE (36"x48") and A0 (841mm x 1189mm) formats. For large format printing at your local printer.

🤓 A tutorial is included to help you properly print and prepare your patterns before starting your project.

Because every 3D printer is different, specifications may vary from one to another.

No printing information is included with this purchase. By purchasing this product, you assume that you have the knowledge required to 3D print.

🤓 All 3D print files have been tested on an FDM (filament) printer. They were printed in PLA or ABS.

Cutting templates are designed to be used with a cutter such as the Cricut or Silhouette. But they can also be used manually.

They can be used in different ways, with different tools and materials.

The instructions provided with this product are only very brief.

Out of respect for my work, it is forbidden to share or resell this product.

However, you can very well sell the creation you have made using this product. I'm just asking you to credit my work. 🖤

Feel free to tag me if you share your creations on social media.

✂ Instagram: @julie.chantal

✂ Facebook: @Julie-Chantal – costumes & accessories

What customers have to say


Loved the printing tips and the ability to remove some layers. The sewing instructions were perfect and easy to follow, with photos included. The Rebel Legion saw my Obi Wan and invited us to work with them!

jedi costume pattern

My daughter wanted a Hermione costume for Halloween and this pattern was easy for me to follow even though I don't sew much. Being able to print only the size needed was helpful. My daughter was thrilled!

wizard robe pattern

The pattern was easy to print and assemble and the instructions were clear. I made adjustments for a lined cape. Very happy with the final cape, thank you!

vampire cape pattern

A great selection of hats that I can use in medieval reenactments I love the bilingual options in the files

patron de chapeau médiéval

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