<transcy>Emperor Palpatine's brooch 3D file</transcy>
<transcy>Emperor Palpatine's brooch 3D file</transcy>
<transcy>Emperor Palpatine's brooch 3D file</transcy>
<transcy>Emperor Palpatine's brooch 3D file</transcy>

Emperor Palpatine's brooch 3D file

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To make whole the perfect costume of the most feared emperor in the Galaxy, you'll need his distinctive black brooch. Palpatine's costume isn't complete without it.

📌 Design approved by the 501st*

🤓 Easy to print. No supports necessary. This STL file is perfect for 3D printing beginners.


      This kit inlcudes 1 item :

    Emperor Palpatine's brooch.

      taille des pièces  Size of the finished item :

      • 70mm X 40mm X 7,5mm

        aucun assemblage requis  No assembly

        -  Short instructions included to help you prepare the brooch so you can attach it to Palpatine's outer robe


        * The 501st approbation also depends on the production quality of your project.

          Because every 3D printer is different, specifications may vary from one to another.

          No printing information is included with this order. By purchasing this product, you assume that you have the knowledge required to 3D print.

          🤓 All 3D print files have been tested on an FDM (filament) printer. They were printed in PLA or ABS.

          Out of respect for my work, it is forbidden to share or resell this product.

          However, you can very well sell the creation you have made using this product. I'm just asking you to credit my work. 🖤

          Feel free to tag me if you share your creations on social media.

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