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You don't have to be Cal Kestis to have your own handy droid: a replica of the little buddy droid BD1, from the game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

Whether it's to store your medications or just for the company, you can now print an articulated BD1.

Featuring 3 ball joints and plenty of room to install LEDs, BD1 looks like he jumped right out of the game to help you rebuild your secret order.

un - one  This set contains 1 item :

  • Buddy Droid BD-1 (to be printed in several pieces)

    taille des pièces  Finished size :

    180mm X 200mm X 350mm

        instructions d'assemblage  Assembly instruction included

        The robot is built in several pieces for easy printing. Instructions are included to facilitate the assembly of your creation.

        🤓 The torso and head are offered in 1 or more pieces for easy printing on a small printer.

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