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Print your own Seam Allowance Guide - 1cm.

The perfect tool to easily add your seam allowance to your patterns.

By inserting 2 pencils in the guide, you can draw 2 lines at a time with a gap of 1 cm. Perfect seam allowance every time.

If you're making your own patterns, or working with patterns without seam allowance, you'll love this little guide.

🤓 Easy to print. No support needed. These STL files are perfect for 3D printing beginners.

deux This set contains 2 elements:

  • Guide for hexagonal pencil

    This model was designed for classic hexagonal shaped pencils (like Mirado or Staedler brands) .

  • Guide for round pencil

    This model was designed for colored pencils which are rather round in shape (like Berol - Prismacolor brands) .

* It is possible that some pencils don't slide as well in the guide. Some brands of pencils are a bit bigger or a bit smaller. And even within the same brand, the sizes may vary slightly.

    taille des pièces Piece size:

    21mm X 12mm X 20mm.

        aucun assemblage requis No assembly required

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